Seeking visionary school Headmaster for an exciting opportunity to construct, manage and grow an Orthodox Christian High School.

Reports to:      Board of Education
Supervises:     Teachers
                               School Secretary
                               Maintenance / Custodial staff

Required Documents: Resume, Cover Letter, and references submitted to threehierarchsochs@gmail.com.

Job Description:

The headmaster will fill all teacher/staff positions; act as leader of curriculum & instruction; acquire, disperse, and oversee the management of all school supplies and materials related to the educational process; organize scheduling; manage safety, including discipline; manage budgetary items; construct and manage school calendar; report to the board of directors; and attend to any other necessary aspects to creating a safe and fully functional Orthodox Christian Orthodox High School. The headmaster will utilize leadership, supervisory, communication, and administrative skills to promote the spiritual, academic, social, and physical welfare of each student. The headmaster will be evaluated on his/her leadership as reflected by student achievement and ability to maintain a positive Orthodox-centered educational and learning environment.

Essential Job Functions:

Establish an Orthodox Christian-centered learning environment aligned with the Mission and Vision of the school.

Curriculum, Supervision, Instruction:
  • Leader of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Ensure Orthodox worldview/lens in curriculum and during instruction.
  • Responsible for supervising and evaluating all building personnel such as teachers, secretaries, and custodians.
  • Assist with supervision of student activities, including, but not limited to, co-curricular activities, assemblies, and school events.
  • Attends school-sponsored events held to promote the mission of the school.
  • Coordinates standardized test administration (SAT/ACT).
  • Attends Board of Education meetings.
  • Serves as one of the School Complaint Managers.
  • Provides professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Teach as needed.
Resource Management:
  • Data management: Utilizes current technologies to enhance building management.
  • Interview, hire, and supervise teachers and substitute teachers.
  • Liaison to corresponding public school districts.
  • Oversees all admissions and registration processes.
  • Monitors and maintains student attendance.
  • Responsible for maintaining the physical facilities.
  • Ensure daily prayer.
  • Host Orthodox Liturgical services by visiting spiritual fathers.
  • Plans, organizes and hosts parent events.
  • Participate in activities designed to promote effective communication with students, parents, and the community. Involve students, parents, and community members in building committees.
  • Facilitate resolution of conflicts and arrange opportunities for staff to work collaboratively.
  • Communicate and establish support for the school mission.
  • Promotes/enhances student activity and extracurricular programs.
  • Provide a consistent and fair discipline policy for students and staff.
  • Conduct commensurate with the Orthodox Christian worldview.
  • Communicate effectively with pertinent groups.
  • Establish a culture of high expectations for student and staff performance.
  • Build commitment to school goals by participating in school-level committees and by encouraging others to assume leadership roles.
  • Establishes clear lines of communication regarding school goals, accomplishments, practices, and policies with parents, staff, and students.
  • Performs other relevant duties as assigned by the Board of Education

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Posted on: February 21, 2023