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Headquartered in Lombard, IL, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago (“Metropolis”) represents the Greek Orthodox faithful of 58 parishes across six states (34 parishes in Illinois and 24 parishes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, northern Indiana, and central Missouri). The Chicago Metropolis is one of nine in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael presides over and is the spiritual leader of the entire Metropolis. 

The Metropolis office exemplifies a collaborative, service oriented, and high-performance culture. The staff is committed to responding swiftly and effectively to our parish and parishioner needs. We offer a stimulating environment for flexible, intelligent, energetic, professional, confidential, and self-motivated individuals. Each of our team members is dedicated to service quality, high-achievement, and integrity. 

At the Metropolis of Chicago, every staff member has the opportunity to make a difference as we empower every employee to passionately lead, drive change and work collaboratively with others.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead an annual (or as needed) planning sessions with parish representations (vicars, etc.), committee leadership, and appropriate staff and volunteers to create a thoughtfully conceived and fully documented program of ministry (ministry plan) for all life stages to be implemented annually.
  • Design, coordinate and implement various ministries, programs, conferences, support groups, youth programs, camps, and service projects across parishes. Ensure all programs are properly resourced and staffed.  
  • Lead the work effort by leveraging committees, staff, volunteers, and lay leadership.  Provide proper support and oversight for all Ministry programs.
  • Create and publish an annual comprehensive Metropolis Ministry Calendar of Events.
  • Lead staff and volunteers to create annual and quarterly goals for each ministry program area.
  • Plan appropriate budgets, delegate tasks, and regularly evaluate program progress.
  • Ensure work efforts are integrated into the overall strategy and mission of the Metropolis.
  • Create and publish annual achievements and future goals, using metrics.
  • Conduct an annual membership survey to understand programming and ministry needs and wishes of the congregation.
  • Provide financial oversight, including overseeing the creation of annual budgets, reviewing monthly budget reports and approving budget change requests.
  • Assist the Communications Manager in representing and recruiting for programs through various channels (the press, media, parish websites, social media, etc.).
  • Annually create strategic areas of need for funding Metropolis Ministries and assist Development Officer in sourcing those funds.
  • Establish and develop relationships with Parishes through visits and outreach to better understand congregant needs and obtain feedback on program impacts.
  • Other duties as assigned.

 Education and Experience

  • Master of Divinity Degree / Theological Studies (preferred)
  • 5+ years of ministry experience.
  • Strong critical thinking, analysis, project management and problem-solving skills with the ability to successfully pivot between strategic and tactical activities
  • Demonstrated ease in connecting with parish leaders, vicars, staff, parents, and youth.
  • Effective cross-functional leadership, communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills in a diverse environment.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to plan and manage multiple programs.
  • Proven experience building, training and leading a team of volunteer leaders.
  • Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). 

Functional Skills


  • Ability to establish ministries and programs that carry out the mission and of the Metropolis.
  • Ability to achieve results directly and through others, in a fast-paced and intensive environment.
  • Ability to establish, facilitate, influence, and lead work through committees.
  • Results orientated with high expectations for quality and accuracy.
  • Able to maintain professional and confidential relationships.
  • Ability to ensure processes and systems are in place and adhered to for effective implementation (including administrative details, publicity, communications, documentation, record keeping, safety, compliance and budgeting).


  • Clear and effective interpersonal communication skills, including impeccable verbal and written communication skills, exceptional proofreading and editing skills.
  • Must interface with all levels of the Metropolis board, council, parishes, leaders, vicars, and office staff.
  • Must work collaboratively with staff, volunteers, lay leadership, adults, students and parents to execute effective programming and meet agreed upon goals.
  • Enthusiastically communicate with the staff, particularly the parishes, in such a way that they are informed and supportively engaged in the ministry programs.


  • Flexibility and willingness to handle new and different tasks.
  • Ability to work in a confidential, professional and fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and know when to seek leadership guidance.
  • Ability to prioritize work.
  • Demonstrate sound discretion, professional judgement and ethics in decision making,
  • High proficiency in project management, attention to detail, prioritization of work and organizational skills required.
  • Plan, organize and remain accountable for actions.
  • Disposition to lead, learn, communicate, and collaborate with others.
  • Required to travel and visit Metropolis parishes, as well as other parts of the country, as needed.
  • Must hold confidential information received from His Eminence and the Greek Orthodox Chicago Metropolis in strict confidence and will exercise a reasonable degree of care to prevent disclosure to others.

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Posted on: May 03, 2023