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Camp St. Nicholas is a 19 acre facility in the Los Padres National Forest above Frazier Park, CA. The facility, initially built in 1964,  includes two dormitory buildings (each divided into four dorms), a staff cabin, a chapel, a two story dining/recreation hall, a multi-purpose room by the pool, and a camp manager's residence. The facility also includes a ball field, archery range, volleyball court, basketball court, swimming pool and a campfire area. The improvements on federal land are owned and operated by St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA.  It is the site of the Camp St Nicholas Summer and Winter Programs, along with various retreats for the Antiochian Women and Young Adult Ministry.  The facility is also rented to other Orthodox churches as well as other not-for-profit and charitable organizations throughout the year.

The Camp Manager is a resident manager (an 1582 square foot two bedroom, two bath house - with bonus room is a part of the compensation for the position) who has responsibility for managing the physical plant, bookings, food service, and administrative tasks required to keep the camp in good order and "survery ready" for health department, forest service and fire marshal inspections.  

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  • Support the marketing plan developed by the Camp Management Committee by following that plan to ensure maximum rental of the Camp facility on a year-round basis. Obtain approval from St Nicholas Cathedral prior to committing to any booking.  Provide monthly reports on bookings, as well as details on number of inquiries processed and the status of those inquiries. 
  • Attend all local meetings of the US Forestry Service and to interface with the neighboring camps as necessary to keep abreast of issues and Camp Management Committee of any local issues that would directly impact our facility or the surrounding area.
  • Contact each camper group two (2) weeks prior to their camping date in order to finalize the number of campers and meals served during their camping period. 
  • Obtain from each group renting the facilities a current Certificate of Liability Insurance prior to their stay at our facility. And to ensure that all renters are following Camp Rules and Policies. 
  • Bill and collect all monies due to the Camp in the form of advanced deposits and the use fees (NO CASH). All camp fees are to be collected prior to the start of the booking, with the exception of adjustments for changes in headcount which are made known to camp once the booking is underway.  Said funds to be remitted to the Cathedral immediately upon receipt.
  • Conduct a joint tour with the camper group contact to show and inspect the readiness and the cleanness before and after each camping period.  
  • Resolve any facility problems that may arise during the renters stay.
  • Remain onsite at all times when the facility is rented to ensure the renters are complying with all the regulations and that these groups respect and protect the facility during their rental period. 


  • Maintain the operation, cleanliness and condition of the entire kitchen and all food service operations on the camp premises in compliance with all Health & Safety, Fire and US Forestry regulations. This will be evidenced by being inspection ready at all times and passing all inspections by the various agencies. 
  • Provide complete meal service for all renters of the facility in a high quality and timely basis.
  • Keep an active kitchen inventory and utilize this inventory when ordering food so as to meet the needs of each camping group without over purchasing.
  • Camp Manager must have a current “California Food Manager’s” certificate. 


  • Maintain the entire facility in compliance with all Health & Safety, Fire and US Forestry regulations. Maintain the camp in an inspection ready state at all times. 
  • Maintain the swimming pool both during the usage season and when it is winterized for the off season, remaining inspection ready at all times.
  • Routine maintenance and cleanup for all camp structures (cabins, kitchens, storage areas, etc.) before and after each rental.  This is to include a daily physical inspection of each cabin building for needed repairs and maintenance during times the camp is not being rented.
  • Removal of all trash from cabins, kitchen and around the camp site and maintenance of the trash dumpster area, keeping the area clean and the dumpsters secure.
  • Expenditure of up to $250 for unplanned but necessary maintenance / repairs may be charged on the Camp Credit Card.  Receipts must be sent to the Cathedral within 7 days of te transaction.
  • Provide the Camp Management Committee a list of all items needing repair or replacement (beyond the normal maintenance tasks – except those under $250) which will be reviewed monthly.  Immediate communication of items needing urgent attention must be communicated to the Camp Management Committee as they arise. 
  • Obtain advance approval from the Camp Management Committee for any Non-Budgeted Expenses. Life threatening cases are and exception. Approved expenses must be submitted for reimbursement and be supported by receipts. If said expenses are charged to camp credit cards, receipts must be provided to the Cathedral within 7 days of the transaction via electronic or paper mail.


  • Recruit and train sufficient kitchen staff to support the needs of the groups booking the camp.  
  • Submit qualified applications to the Camp Management Committee for review and background check. This may be done after a contingent offer of employment is made, but work must not commence until the background check process and payroll setup are completed.  The Cathedral will notify the Camp Manager when the employee is cleared to start work.
  • Camp Manager is responsible to schedule staff in accordance with California Wage and Hour laws so as to avoid any missed meal penalties and to Submit hours to the Cathedral Office for the staff on the schedule setup by the Cathedral Office.  Staff schedules must be developed to minimize overtime hours and any need for overtime must be improved in advance by the Camp Management Committee.  
  • Verify that all staff have a current “California Food Handler’s Certificate” and any other required certificates that may be required based upon the nature of their work.
  • Provide onboarding training for all staff.  Long term staff should receive refresher training annually.  Training must include proper procedures for safe food handling, safety training based upon both working in the kitchen and being at the camp facility, procedures for completing timecards and payroll, and any active operating policies that apply to the kitchen staff.


  • To meet with the Camp Management Committee on a monthly basis to review bookings, marketing plans, personnel issues and any upcoming non-budgeted expenditures. This may be a telephone or in person meeting, depending on the requirements of the meeting.  In person meetings will most often be held on the Camp property.
  • Participate in the annual budgeting cycle with the Camp Management Committee.
  • Camp Manager performance will be reviewed annually with the designated representative of the Camp Management Committee for purposes of highlighting areas of high performance and opportunities for improvement in the coming year.


  • Management and operation of a commercial kitchen
  • Sales and marketing experience
  • Excellent communication skills as applied to both staff and guests
  • Able to plan and organize tasks effectively


  • This is a full time, salaried (exempt) position.
  • It is a requirement of employment that the Camp Manager reside in the house on the Camp property provided for this purpose.

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