Mission Monastery Summer Internship

 Nestled among suburban homes in the Hill Top neighborhood of Denver, The Brotherhood of Saint George is a Greek Orthodox Hermitage/Hesychasteirion that offers opportunity for prayer and service to young and old — from near and far. This monastic dwelling is a welcome throwback to the “city monasteries” of the Queen City, Constantinople. Here we navigate the challenge between life in the city and the needs of our immortal souls.  

Summer interns will shadow and assist priestmonk Christodoulos Papadeas — who learned in the monasteries of Patmos and the Dodecanese Islands, under the tutelage of present Metropolitan Amphilochios of Ganou and Chora. The founding father of this Hermitage is the new Righteous Saint Amphilochios of Patmos. Interns will follow a blessed daily regimen of prayer, philoxenia and study in the paternal-traditional (πατροπαράδοτο) manner of the Ecclesia.  

Other experiences provided could include: 

  • Outreach to/involvement with the local community 
  • Practice of silence (ie. the Jesus Prayer) 
  • Iconography and Chant  
  • Work in the vegetable gardens and grounds   
  • Internet broadcasts (services and teaching) 

Who would benefit from this internship: 

Anyone interested in the mystical spiritual life of the Church would benefit from experience here. In particular, future clergy (celibate or married) will find time spent at Saint George helpful toward preparing for future roles as spiritual leaders: quietude, self-sacrifice toward others, rapport with a spiritual father…and much more. 


Eagerness for loving our God and our fellow man. Soberness and a willingness to deepen and cultivate one’s faith, through daily communion with Christ our Savior, with His Mother and all the Saints.   


Food, lodging and travel expenses are all covered, except travel expenses to and from Denver. 

Time frame:  

Timeframes are flexible. We recommended a 4-week stay in and around June, July or August. 

Interested applicants may reach out to Archimandrite Christodoulos by email at: c_papadeas@yahoo.com 

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Posted on: May 24, 2022