Grade 2-5 (Class II) Teacher

St. Herman of Alaska Christian School proves that education is more than a collection of facts or skills required to “make it” in this world, but it is the formation of the mind, body, and soul as a servant for our life with Christ. In the words of St. Theophan the Recluse, the ultimate goal for parents and educators should be to “raise Saints.” At Saint Herman School, the teachers, priests, and parents form a close partnership which cultivates virtue and wisdom, inspires a love for learning, and prepares children for a bright future, both in the world and in the Church. 

Our goals are to: 

  • To kindle and nurture a zeal for God and love for neighbor. 
  • To cultivate the seed of self-knowledge and discernment. 
  • To educate children toward an inspired understanding of the world, laying a solid foundation for their future vocation. 
  • To create an Orthodox curriculum, Orthodox educational methodology in the classical tradition. 
  • To serve and benefit parents, pastors, home-schooling families and other educators as well as providing a compendium of useful resources. 

Job Summary 

  • St. Herman’s School is seeking a Grade 2-5 (Class II) teacher. The teacher will oversee a dynamic, 10-15 student, multi-level, classroom 
  • A 3-year commitment is required. 


This Class II Teacher will be responsible for: 

  • Overseeing and coordinating the children in Grades 2-5 as Home Room Teacher. This entails supervision between morning drop off and the beginning of the school day and assisting with dismissal at the end of the day.  
  • Teaching some academic classes to the students. SHS employs many supplemental teachers for classes such as math and science so these may not be part of the regular teaching schedule for the Class II teacher.  
  • Coordinating supplemental classes or tutoring for Class II students as needed.  
  • Acting as lunch monitor, as needed.  
  • Performing other miscellaneous administrative duties as assigned or required 

To qualify, you must have: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree required 
  • Minimum of one year teaching experience 
  • Strong understanding of our Orthodox faith 
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills  
  • Knowledge of special education or English as a Second Language is a plus 
  • Willingness to give a strong 3-year commitment and to remain available during the entire academic year 


At this time, SHS does not offer a formal benefits package. SHS teachers receive paid federal holidays off as well as up to 3 weeks between New/Old Calendar Nativity, as well as Holy Week and Bright Week off. SHS may contribute towards monthly health insurance costs, up to $150/month, if other insurance is not available through a spouse or other option.  

One of the ‘benefits’ and blessing of this position is participating with the children in midweek liturgies, including the Great Feasts that fall on weekdays on the old calendar. Opportunity for participation in the full liturgical life of the church, formerly normal in Orthodox cultures, is a rare and precious find in the career scene in America. 


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Posted on: March 24, 2022