Elementary School Teacher

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church is a Greek community church which prides itself on promoting a strong Greek Orthodox religious background for students in grades K-8.  Holy Cross promotes Greek education both during the school day and after school as well during its Greek Afternoon school. The school offers early drop off and after care to accommodate the needs of all families.  

All student instruction is aligned with the New York State learning standards. 

Holy Cross Church is the employer of all teaching staff at the Dimitrios & Georgia Kaloidis Greek Parochial School located at 8502 Ridge Blvd. in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

At this time, we are actively seeking elementary school teachers who possess the following qualities:

Elementary School Teacher:

  • Responsible for student safety
  • Responsible for planning standards based lessons
  • Responsible for lesson implementation
  • Responsible for differentiating instruction
  • Responsible for record keeping (e.g. exams, student data, attendance, etc...)
  • Responsible for keeping parents updated
  • Knowledge of technology (preferred)
  • Familiarity with Google Classroom (preferred)
  • Ability to be flexible

**Teachers will be well compensated. Medical/Dental benefits and a pension savings plan are available to all employees 


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Posted on: July 18, 2022