Director of Youth Administration and Cirriculum

HOURS:  Approximately 40 hours per week to include all day Sunday plus planning and prep time as required.  (Hours are flexible except for Sunday)

SALARY: $52-55,000 annual                                 ACTIVITIES BUDGET: Up to $10,000/year

POSITION DETAILS:   Work together with the parish priest to a) help establish strategic, long-term curriculums and programs for all youth-related activities and projects and b) implement the above-mentioned curriculum in a unified manner that promotes a cohesive understanding of Orthodox life from childhood through to young adult. 

a)  Build and implement a strategic curriculum for Youth Ministry that focuses on four key areas.

1.    JOY – youth from the ages of 3 to pre-teen

2.    GOYA – youth from the ages of 12 (pre-teen) – 17 (teen)

3.    OCF – (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) – college students attending local universities and colleges

4.   YA - Young adults – ages 24 – 35 which includes singles and newly married

b)  Through day-day contact with Sunday Schools directors, teachers, Youth and Young Adult Advisors (GOYA/OCF), and Acolytes the Youth Director will be responsible to develop and help implement a cohesive strategy that unifies Orthodox learning from childhood through Adulthood.  This position will also involve developing mentor programs wherein young adults participate together with Sunday School staff to assist in early-stage Orthodox life.


The Youth Administrator will work together with the parish priest to help establish the curriculum and programs for all youth-related activities and projects.  The priest is also responsible for day-to-day oversight and guidance of the Youth Administrator in spiritual, ministry and administrative matters.  The priest will also be responsible to provide input to the AGOC Parish Council who will conduct bi-annual evaluations of the Youth Minister’s performance.


a.      Work with the Religious Education Committee to implement the 5-year Religious Education (Sunday School) Curriculum in accordance with the OCC Educational curriculum.

b.      Maintain a listing of all GOYA age youth (12-17) and work with the GOYA Directors to plan monthly activities.

c.       Responsible to coordinate and promote the annual (Parish level) St John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.

d.      Work with the priests of both AGOC and Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church to establish and operate an Orthodox Christian Fellowship program on the campus of the University of Rochester.  Maintain a listing of area college students and organize monthly get-togethers on campus (during the academic year) to maintain their connection with AGOC.

e.      Coordinate youth outreach involvement with local charitable organizations (such as Catholic Charities, Daystar Kids, House of Mercy, and Ronald McDonald House)

f.        Maintain a listing of all young adults which would include young singles and newly married couples who still reside in the Rochester areas.  Plan monthly or bi-monthly activities and retreats to help maintain a connection among the young adults and their community.

g.       Work with the Communications Director to assist in developing and improving our parish on-line presence and assist with audio-visual presentations as needed.


  • Conduct and appearance appropriate to an Orthodox Christian lifestyle
  • Supportive of the mission and objectives of the Annunciation Orthodox Church
  • Knowledge of Youth Ministry and Christian Education concepts and methods
  • Willingness to participate in our parish life
  • Faithful in worship and willing to actively participate in worship services
  • Self-motivated and committed to a professional church ministry
  • Desire and ability to work as a member of an interdependent professional team
  • Able to relate to youth and sincerely committed to Youth Ministry and Education
  • Effective communicator and organizer who can recruit and delegate
  • Willing to learn and receive additional training to increase ministerial competence


This position requires a minimum 2-year commitment.  Applicants must be willing to undergo a criminal background check and also complete the Metropolis Youth Safety Awareness training prior to being able to participate in any youth events.  When applying, please supply references, work history, and a letter of recommendation from your current priest or pastor.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church secretary at 585-244-3377 or email our office at


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