CrossRoad Assistant Director

Reports to: CrossRoad Director & OVM Director 

Educational Requirements: B.A. & Masters-level coursework in Orthodox theology 

Requisite Skills 

  • Proven leadership and management skills
  • High degree of initiative
  • Strong partnership-building and event planning skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proven ability to operate under pressure
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Solid grounding in Orthodox Christian church life
  • Good rapport with high school and college students
  • Functions as a team player
  • Outgoing and upbeat attitude
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products and Google Suite
  • Multicultural sensitivity
  • Ability to manage several tasks simultaneously

Pastoral/Theological Skills:

  • Demonstrated communication, interpersonal, relationship and pastoral sensitivity. For example:
    • Providing the time and space for mentoring relationships, conversations and opportunities to occur between staff and CR participants/alumni
    • Engaging in empathetic listening
    • Facilitate and foster healthy group dynamics with program staff and each CrossRoad session through attentiveness to staff dynamics, cliques, behavior, and general community-life

General Position Summary: 

The CR Assistant Director will (1) in conjunction with the CrossRoad Director, plan and run up to three, ten-day summer sessions; (2) assist the Director in organizing CrossRoad alumni initiatives (Spring retreat, CrossRoad 2.0, and newsletter)

Specific Duties Summary:

CR Assistant Director projects include but not limited to: 

  1. CrossRoad Summer Institute: The following responsibilities are covered in the weekly implementation schedule in the CrossRoad master calendar. Many of these tasks are done in conjunction with the Director.
  • Assist the Director to interview and hire program staff
  • Work with Director to develop staff training curriculum and plan staff training meetings/retreats
  • Lead aspects of staff training meetings at the request of Director
  • Assist Director to hire and train summer interns and CR videographer
  • Work with Director to manage CrossRoad applications and supervise correspondence with applicants regarding their application materials
    • Review all CrossRoad applications (male & female) and determine accepted, waitlisted, and declined candidates with Director based on summaries of scoring 
  • Assist Events and Logistics Coordinator with logistical preparations for CrossRoad, delegating to the summer intern when necessary, including but not limited to:
    • Working with Director to create the daily schedule for the CrossRoad Summer Institute including staff days off, and wagon master assignments
    • Arrange visits to local Orthodox Churches with Director
    • Other tasks assigned by the Events and Logistics Coordinator on an as needed basis
  • Review and help keep logistical aspects and preparations for the summer program on track with the Events and Logistics Coordinator. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Overseeing the intern tasks listed below, and others that come up, to make sure they are on schedule:
      • Create a seamless schedule for airport pick-ups and drop-offs
      • Make sure everything is running on schedule 
      • Communicate with vendors when necessary
      • Oversee completion of Travel Journals
      • Print all CR learner forms
      • Oversee interns preparation of participant welcome backpacks and departure gift bags
    • Managing any administrative crises that may arise
  • Oversee all communication to applicants including the three formal participant emails and the parent email
  • Serve as the Parent Liaison and communicate with participant’s parents before, during, and after CrossRoad sessions
  • Maintain budget and petty cash log, working with the Events and Logistics Coordinator and Program Director to ensure that CrossRoad line-item spending is in accordance with budget guidelines
  • Promote CrossRoad to secure applicants, communicate information, and disseminate importance/impact
    • Work collaboratively with Director and Outreach Coordinator to coordinate and improve marketing for apps and program offerings.
    • Draft or review press releases to share importance/impact 
    • Work with Director and social media intern to update CrossRoad social media accounts
  • Publish resources to share learning to relevant constituencies on an as-needed basis

2. CrossRoad Alumni

  • Assist the Director in planning and executing the nine-month online alumni initiative, CrossOver, and attend meetings on a weekly or biweekly basis
  • Work with the CR Director to assist in planning and running the Alumni Mentorship Program and the annual CrossRoad Alumni Retreat
    • Be present during the alumni retreat serving in the capacity of associate director 
  • Assist in the production and edits of Down the Road, the annual alumni newsletter
    • Review article submissions
    • Contribute one article/reflection

3. CRI Team

  • Meet regularly with CrossRoad Institute Inc. team for weekly staff meetings, brainstorming, and evaluation
  • Practice and help maintain good office filing practices, organization, and cleanliness
  • Implement and uphold good digital storage of files, photos, and videos
  • Facilitate the effective communication of the CrossRoad Institute internally and to external stakeholders
  • Be a pastoral presence in the office for the HCHC Certificate in Youth & Young Adult Ministry and Leadership.

Hours and Scheduling

Hourly rate of $16/hour. 10-20 hours per week starting October 1 and lasting until May training; working 30 hours/week starting May training through June training with 40 hours the last week before start of Session 1; up to four hours a month for Alumni Initiatives August 2023 to March 2024.

Additional, stipend-based pay for non-hourly work:

  • January Retreat: $300
  • Alumni Retreat: $400
  • Each session of CrossRoad (including time in between sessions): $2,500 per session for a total of up to $7,500 from the start of session 1 to the end of session 3

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