Director of Family Life Ministries

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, MI is searching for a Director of Family Life Ministries. The Director will be working along side the parish priest to develop, implement, and maintain the various ministries aimed at engaging the families of St. George, in a manner that integrates the multi-generational aspect of our faith and community. This ministry will center on the liturgical life of the Church and radiate from that focal point. Life in Christ and the sharing of this life with our youth and families is the goal!


Family and Youth Work

  1. To serve as a spiritual leader for all the youth of St. George through teaching and personal example.
  2. To ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of all youth during a church sponsored event.
  3. To plan and facilitate educations, service/outreach, spiritual and social activities for all the families of St George.
  4. To help incorporate parents and their children into the life of the Church (participation in services, understanding the traditions and worship of the Church).
  5. To minister and facilitate the organized events of the Youth:
    • Teen Group
      1. Regular meetings/events/outings
      2. Helping to teach
      3. Attend PLC and facilitate those events
    • Pre-Teens
      • Helping to prepare them and integrate them into Teen Group.
    • OCF
      • Help to engage College Students at GVSU, Calvin, Aquinas
  6. To organize and be present at all Youth functions
  7. Organize events and plan for adequate number of advisors.
  8. Spend time with the youth in their daily life (part of youth ministry is to have the children trust the Director in order to share the struggles of life with them). This includes making personal visits to the homes of our youth, having lunch with them at their school, attending their extracurricular activities, etc.
  9. To encourage parental involvement in youth activities by assisting the priest in educating the parents regarding the importance of liturgical and social participation.

Church School

  1. To be involved in the progress and well-being of the Church School Program
  2. To help the teachers in preparing their lesson plans
  3. To ensure parish participation in all Archdiocesan creative festivals:
    • Creative arts
    • Bible Bowl/Oratorical


  1. The Director is expected to be at the Church office on a daily basis, excluding day off and any youth related function, and should work a minimum of 40 hours/week. These hours are not the typical 9-5 time frame since much of ministry is during the evenings, on the weekends and throughout the day.
  2. To make full use of the computer network for means of organization, communication and follow up related to our youth.
  3. To submit a written report to the parish council each month on the progress of parish activities.
  4. To assist the Priest in any appropriate capacity needed.


  1. To ensure that all our families are aware of every event and function that is held.
  2. To utilize every possible means of communication to do so.
  3. To follow through with every communication to ensure that events are well attended.
  4. The Director is directly responsible to the Priest in all capacities.


  1. A member in good standing of the Orthodox Church, knowledgeable about the beliefs and practices of the Church, with a deep love for Christ and a sense of calling to share His love with young people.
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required, Graduate degree in associated field preferred.
  3. Three personal and two professional references.
  4. Prior experience in parish ministry.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Excellent organizational and administrative skills.
  7. Competence in basic lay counseling and listening skills appropriate for family ministry.

To Apply

To apply, please send your resume to Fr. Andrew Honore (

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Posted on: June 04, 2021