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Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Headmaster, Chrysostom Academy teachers will guide students in order to fulfill their potential for spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. The teacher will work with parents and students to develop competencies and skills to function successfully in society. Teachers will provide a vigorous education to all students and fulfill the first principle of classical education, namely, to meet students where they are and build upon their current knowledge. 
Education/Certification: Candidates must meet one of the following:

Bachelor’s degree with a passing score or certification in the grade level or content area to be taught.

Bachelor’s degree with an academic minor or major (minimum of 18 credit hours) in the core academic subject areas to be taught.

Bachelor’s degree and documented successful, relevant work experience in the content area to be taught, established by at least one year of employment in a specific field or occupation that required the educator to demonstrate knowledge or skill in the content area.  This is to be supported by a professional letter of recommendation from the educator’s employer or supervisor.

Preferred Experience

Experience teaching in a classical school, or experience teaching with classical traditional methods. 

Teachers who do not have experience in classical schools must be open to the principles of classical education and be willing to adjust their own teaching methods as necessary to facilitate classical learning in the classroom.

Required Qualifications, Skills, Abilities (QSAs), and Dispositions

  1. Practicing Orthodox Christian with a letter of good standing from applicant’s Spiritual Father or Father Confessor.
  2. Love for students and love for the teaching craft.
  3. Ability to work independently and with purpose.
  4. Passion for and strong knowledge of instructional academic content.
  5. Ability to model the Orthodox faith, to teach virtue through the curriculum, and cultivate habits of holiness in students.
  6. Understanding of and passion for classical education.
  7. Ability to learn and implement classical teaching curricula and methods.
  8. Ability to keep student, school, and personal information confidential.
  9. Ability to maintain a classroom of approximately 12-18 students.
  10. Ability and patience to work interactively with students.
  11. Ability to understand the academic needs of students.
  12. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships.
  13. Ability to communicate on all levels with students, parents, community, and administration.
  14. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  15. Ability to manage multiple priorities effectively.
  16. Ability to travel as necessary (i.e., field trips, class trips, trainings, etc.)
  17. Ability to use computer programs, student information system, parent communication portals, and office suites.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

St. John Chrysostom Academy exists to provide a classical Orthodox education in a vigorous academic and nurturing spiritual environment. To fulfill these duties, faculty/staff members should implement the following:

  1. Embrace and exemplify, in conduct, demeanor, and expression, the principles and teachings of the Orthodox Church as regards Her moral, theological, and spiritual teachings.
  2. Foster a spirit of collaboration and respect with administration, fellow colleagues, students, parents, and families as that which is most befitting an academic fellowship.
  3. Teach students with humility, firmness, and charity, neither being too strict nor too lax, and instead embracing the middle way, recognizing that as fallen human beings, children need to be guided with love.
  4. Scrupulously adhere to the Scope and Sequence of the Academy in both content, pedagogy, and Christian ethos. The most important component of classical education is meeting students where they are, thus faculty members will employ multiple strategies to include all students in their academic pursuits. Faculty members should know and understand their students’ academic strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Scrupulously adhere to the customs and courtesies of the Academy in classroom decorum and presentation. Classrooms should be welcoming to students and should themselves be places of beauty. Wall decorations should be done tastefully and should reflect in content what students are learning in their classes. Faculty members should also assign duties to students which give ownership of the Academy to them in both classroom cleanliness and organization.
  6. Implement and follow Academy policies regarding behavior and discipline. The Academy should be a place where students want to be. Therefore, faculty members should temper discipline with love and mercy, understanding that children need time to be children. In the same manner, a classroom is for learning, and disruptions to the art of learning will not be tolerated.
  7. Participate in all scheduled weekly faculty/staff meetings, required summer trainings, the yearly Faculty Retreat, and occasional but unscheduled emergency meetings, as determined by administration.
  8. Prepare for and attend all necessary parent meetings, as required. Faculty members should have a thorough understanding of each student in their charge and should be able to accurately and effectively communicate student progress to parents.
  9. Document the results of the meetings, as appropriate.
  10. Provide lessons, content, assessments, and assignments in line with the Scope and Sequence of St. John Chrysostom Academy and which are developmentally and academically appropriate to students. Submitted assignments, assessments, and tests will be returned to students in an appropriate amount of time.
  11. Acquire, organize, and maintain student data and grades as required for accurately assessing student progress, documentation, and report cards. Faculty members are responsible for making sure all student grades, absences, and important information, including discipline reports, are entered into St. John Chrysostom Academy’s Student Information System.
  12. Communicate effectively with parents and administration regarding the progress of students and any situations which require intervention, including behavior problems.
  13. Assume responsibility for the safety of fellow faculty/staff members, students, and families regarding the safety of children, building issues, and proper use of academic materials and equipment. The faculty member’s full attention should be employed when supervising students in the classroom, in the lunchroom, on the playground, and on Academy property.
  14. Maintain the highest standards of confidentiality both in maintaining and disseminating information for student records as well as conversations with parents, colleagues, and others.

Employment Non-Discrimination Policy

Employment at St. John Chrysostom Academy is open to qualified applicants who are Orthodox Christians of good moral character, without regard or reference to age, race, sex (gender), national or ethnic origin, color, or disability. St. John Chrysostom Academy is a religious educational ministry, thus all prospective and current employees must agree with St. John Chrysostom Academy’s Mission and Vision Statement. Furthermore, employees must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with all the teachings of Orthodox Christianity and represent in their personal and public life the highest standards of moral, spiritual, and academic integrity.

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Grammar Positions: (N.B. All Grammar School teachers are Classroom teachers).

Elementary/Grammar School (Grades K to 5th)

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • Grammar Specials (Art, Music, PE)
  • Grammar Classroom Aides

Middle and Upper School Positions: (N.B. Middle and Upper teachers are Content Specific).

Middle/Upper School Teachers (Grades 6 to 12)

  • History
  • Science
  • Math
  • Literature
  • Classical Languages
  • Orthodox Christian Studies
  • Upper School Specials (Art, Music, PE)
  • Upper School Classroom Aides

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St. John Chrysostom Academy (Chrysostom Academy) unites classical education and Orthodox Christian formation. Students benefit from the reliable disciplines of formal education and the nurturing environment of faith. Young minds are directed toward the Good, the Beautiful, and the True and young hearts toward the Gospel and Holy Tradition to educate and form our students as complete persons.  


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