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Position Title: Office Manager

Position Description & Qualifications

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York City is seeking an Office Manager.

The Office Manager oversees an office consisting of approximately 10-12 employees and volunteers.  Candidate must demonstrate strong leadership ability and project management skills.  Ability to multitask is critical.


Founded in 1891, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is one of the oldest Greek Orthodox congregations in the United States, and is the national Cathedral of the United States of America. In addition to serving its local congregants in New York City, the Cathedral is home to a variety of events of national scope.

The overall ministry of the Cathedral also includes The Cathedral School, a day school with enrollment of approximately 160 students from nursery through 8th Grade.  While the administration of the Cathedral School is mostly autonomous, with its own administrative staff, the School shares facilities with the Cathedral, and the Office Manager will be expected to work closely and harmoniously with the administrative staff of the School.

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<![CDATA[Pastoral Assistant]]>


     The Pastoral Assistant is a full time, professional ministry position under the direct supervision of the Presiding Priest and accountable to the Parish Council.  This person will be primarily responsible for youth ministry and fully support the Vision Statement of the parish:  “The Church of the Archangels is an Orthodox Christian community that proclaims and celebrates the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ through worship, education, fellowship, service and mission.”



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<![CDATA[The Anchor Radio Station Manager]]>
The Orthodox Christian Network is seeking to hire a part-time Radio Station Manager for its talk station, The Anchor. This position is responsible for the following tasks:
  • Maintain a database of media assets for playout. These assets are pulled from various OCN podcasts and audio programming. Additional sources may be used when approved by the OCN Executive Director.
  • Create and maintain a daily schedule of media to be played throughout the day. This includes several scheduled shows throughout each day and includes different lineups for each day and for the weekends. 
  • Make sure the content schedule adjusts based on the ecclesiastical year.
  • Insert the various OCN promos, provided by the OCN production team, into the playout schedule.
  • Create show bumpers, lead-ins, promo spots, and other interstitial material - this work can be performed in conjunction with the OCN production team.
  • Ensure the most recent weekly program offerings are in the schedule.
  • Notify the web and social media teams of upcoming programs/schedules to promote on their respective medium.
  • Review the playout logs to make sure the system is operating reliably. Notify the technical team when any problems arise.
  • Familiarity with Centovacast from is a big plus.
To apply for this part-time position, please send your resume and a letter of interest detailing your qualifications to OCN Executive Director Fr. Christopher Metropulos at
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<![CDATA[FOCUS Program Development Officer]]>

The FOCUS North America Program Development Officer will provide groups of FOCUS supporters in cities where there is no permanent FOCUS Center with practical and actionable activites that they can undertake to fulfill the mission of FOCUS and serve as valuble volunteers.

 Creating, managing and maintaining a FOCUS center is hard, expensive work and FOCUS’ program development initiative is broadly tasked with implementing a scope of activities that supporters in various cities can initiate within their own communities and existing organizations. 




The goal of this position is to provide actionable answers to those FOCUS supporters who ask the question, “how can I bring FOCUS to my community”?  To this end, the Program Development Officer will familiarize him/herself with FOCUS’ program development activities and community training modules.  The incumbent will also research and develop new program activities including the FOCUS Summer Feeding Program.  The incumbent will then assist volunteers in targeted cities with the creation and launch of program activities.



Specific Responsibilities are not limited to, but will include


·      Research and understand the FOCUS new program initiative manual.

·      Research and understand US Government child nutrition programs.

·      With Executive Director, FOCUS staff and stakeholders, develop a portfolio of activities that can be implemented in Orthodox parishes and communities nationwide.

·      Develop method of assessing parishes and cities interested in starting FOCUS activities.

·      Develop FOCUS NA wide initial response to individuals, clergy, and parishes that are interested in starting FOCUS activities in their city.

·      Coordinate with volunteers nationwide to implement approved activities.

·      Continue to engage volunteers and parishes to develop additional activities.

·      Develop internal procedures for guiding and directing people in new cities after initial engagement. 

·      Develop a cohesive document outlining clear steps, approach, and procedures for FOCUS NA to work with a city towards becoming active servants of the poor in their community. 


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