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Job Summary:

Hellenic College invites applications for a part-time Academic Support Coordinator (20 hours per week). The Academic Support Coordinator (ASC) oversees tutorial services at Hellenic College, provides and coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities, and provides academic advising services for a small group of at-risk students through mentoring and instruction. The ASC role is aimed at improving the student academic experience, by aiding student learning, and raising retention and graduation rates. The ASC is expected to uphold the values of Hellenic College Holy Cross so as to advance the institution as the educational, intellectual, and spiritual formation center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and its mission to develop vocations for service to Church and society based on faith.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to support the Orthodox Christian mission of HCHC, and its role as the educational, intellectual, and spiritual formation center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • Provide academic advising to program participants and additional services as needed
  • Be available to students by appointment and through drop-in hours
  • Utilize assessments in the evaluation of students’ strengths and needs
  • Provide student-centered advising and mentoring to students employing a model where the advisor pro-actively reaches out to the student in order to form and maintain a strong working relationship with the student
  • Help students develop a personalized success plan and provide follow-up support to help the student successfully implement his/her plan
  • Assist with the College’s student recruitment program by being available to meet with students during campus visits and by assisting with programs for prospective students sponsored by the Admissions Office
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other student programs and services to identify and assist students
  • Maintain current records of activities and services provided and perform other administrative duties as assigned for the grant and annual reports
  • Understand and comply with federal laws and regulations that govern learning accommodations for eligible students.
  • Support the retention and graduation goals and objectives of HCHC
  • Attend meetings with supervisors as scheduled and take appropriate discretion to implement goals, policies, and procedures as requested
  • Serve on University committees and task forces as assigned
  • Participate in occasional relevant program activities that may require night/weekend hours Manage
    the CFO’s calendar on a day-to-day basis and keep the
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<![CDATA[Program Manager]]>

Job Summary:

The Office of Vocation and Ministry (OVM) was established in 2003 when Hellenic College became one of 88 accredited colleges and universities in the United States to receive a prestigious grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for “the theological exploration of vocation.” The OVM is a busy, productive office with many important programs and initiatives occurring simultaneously, with it’s base of CrossRoad alumni growing steadily, while stimulating many areas of potential growth. The Program Manager will serve as an essential team player on the OVM team. As a key part of the OVM team, the Program Manager is responsible for OVM financial accounting, Salesforce database management, programs and event management, production of OVM promotional materials and resources, and management of donor relations.


Key Responsibilities:

Program Manager’s tasks include but are not limited to:


·         Financial Accounting - The PM is responsible for managing the OVM budget, keeping record of all of the OVM’s financial transactions, and preparing grant reports and numbers for annual and donor reports.

·         Salesforce Database Management - The PM is the primary OVM database manager as the number of its CrossRoad alumni and their families steadily increases—they are the future of the sustainability of CrossRoad.

·         Program/Project/Event Management - The Program Manager will create, update, and maintain master timelines and task lists for all programs, projects, and events and will be responsible for ensuring their timely implementation, as well as related PR, dissemination, and archiving efforts.

·         Production Management of Promotional Materials, Resources, and Websites - The PM will manage the designing, printing, and distribution of all the OVM promotional materials and resources.

·         Donor Relations Management - The PM will assist the OVM Director in regular communication with OVM donors. The OVM reports directly to the HCHC office of Institutional Advancement for all of its donor relations.

·         General OVM

1.      Meet regularly with the OVM team for weekly staff meetings, brainstorming, and evaluations

2.      Evaluate and adapt programs through conversing regularly with the evaluation team to integrate constructive feedback into program development

3.      Participate in and present at semi-annual Advisory Board meetings

4.      Assist in hiring, training, and supervising OVM student office assistant(s) and intern(s) in conjunction with OVM Director

5.      Oversee all office intern administrative tasks:

Maintain organization of office cabinets and storage as well as keeping a tidy and well-organized office

6.      Responsible for ordering office supplies as needed

7.      Assist OVM Director with any administrative tasks related to OVM development of new initiatives and program growth

8.      Other duties as assigned



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<![CDATA[Executive Assistant to Deans]]>

The Executive Assistant (EA) is responsible for a wide range of administrative matters of school wide importance on behalf of the Deans’, and will serve as liaison or representative of the Deans’ in selected internal and external interactions with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and professional associations.


The incumbent will anticipate, interpret, prioritize, coordinate and disseminate information flow in and out of the Deans’ offices consistent with the Deans’ standards. This includes making judgments regarding priority, proofreading and editing of content, and taking appropriate action. The EA will create and review special reports, presentations, proposals, agendas, and communiques, including the development or evaluation of content to ensure alignment with the vision and the mission of the Deans’ offices. S/he will oversee all operations of the offices including management of temporary and part-time student staff, and supervision of scheduling. The EA will develop and maintain an effective tracking system for project coordination, and will oversee significant academic projects of complexity and duration. The EA will also evaluate and make recommendations for improvements to systems and office functionality, as well as perform all other duties as assigned. The Executive Assistant is expected to contribute to the effective administration of the academic program and uphold the values of Hellenic College Holy Cross so as to advance the institution as the educational, intellectual, and spiritual formation center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of American and its mission to develop vocations for service to Church and society based on faith.



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NEOKOROS/SEXTON (ΝΕΩΚΟΡΟΣ) Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church, located in PORT WASHINGTON, NY, seeks a full-time, experienced NEOKOROS.

For further information, including compensation info, please contact the Church office at 516-944-3180, or send your resume to

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