About the Life Stories

Life StoriesWe are excited to share here, anonymously, stories of Orthodox Christians navigating thoughtfully the elements of vocation—“one’s unique and ongoing response to Christ’s call to love God with heart, soul, mind and strength, and the neighbor as oneself.” God calls every one of us. We all have a calling, and we cannot miss this calling. It is God’s call through His Word in the scriptures, the call enfleshed in the liturgical life of the Church—the call to be His disciples, to follow Him. Our unique and ongoing vocation is our response to this call. It includes our career, but is not exclusively our career. It encompasses all our decisions—family, hobbies, service, everything.

These stories are meant to be an encouragement to others, simple stories of fellow travelers along the way. We welcome submissions—please send us your experience of your unique and ongoing vocation, especially as it relates to work and career. You can reach us at vocations@hchc.edu.

Available Stories:

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