For Parish Leaders

Resources for Parish LeadersThese resources are designed for Orthodox Christian parishes that would like to grow and enhance their ministry through expanding their staff. Many Orthodox Christian priests and parishes are finding that to meet the growing needs of those they serve, it is important to expand their staff in order to focus specifically on these needs.

The success of adding an additional worker to your parish payroll is directly related to how thoughtfully you undertake this hiring process. What are the needs of your parish? How do you determine these? How are they related to the long-term mission of your parish? Does everyone agree? How is consensus and commitment formed? Is the parish community committed to funding this person? Different parishes will have different needs: some may need a full-time youth director, others a full-time parish education director, others a more general pastoral assistant, and others a full-time cantor/chanter. Smaller parishes may only be able to afford part-time assistants and should design job descriptions accordingly.

The following resources are provided to help you with this important work:

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