Tailoring your Public Image

Are you thinking about sharing this post? Do it. It is a way to shape your public image.

The Pantocrator icon of Christ (center) from Sinai shows two images of Christ in one. The other two images have mirrored each of the sides of Christ’s face from the original. Image © Timothy Takemoto

Whether you realize it or not, your online activity is creating a unique profile. When you share a link on Facebook, you’re telling someone what you’re reading. When you create a new connection on LinkedIn, you’re opening yourself up to new 2nd and 3rd degree connections. When you post a tweet about your lunch, you’re telling the world.

When we look at this information all together, we see an image of a person. Some people may have reserved images. They might hide their posts, and use a professional headshot for their profile pictures. They are communicating a level of corporate professionalism with these decisions.

On the other hand, an artist might choose to keep his posts eccentric. He might dig up interesting posts from the depths of the internet.

How about an Orthodox Christian? What does their identity look like?

There are some who think they need to post all Orthodox, all the time. They communicate their fervor for the faith, and they keep other people conversing. Do they get controversial? Sure. Is it bad to be controversial? Ask Christ. He was pretty controversial.

On the other hand, some like to keep their profiles a bit more reserved. These people are no less committed to the faith, but they have a different way of communicating their image.

What we post – or choose not to post – tells people about who we are. My advice? Whatever image you decide to create for yourself, do it on purpose.

Taken from an article found on LinkedIn.

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