Polishing Up Your Resume

Resume writing: you’re doing it wrong.

I remember when I was first taught the art of resume writing in High School. It was part of a class I took called “Corporate Communications.” Writing a resume was all about filling one page with as much content as humanly possible – even if it meant using 10 pt font – and using as many action words as you could come up with. As it turns out, I was not the only one who learned resume writing this way.

The good people over at The Work Buzz put together a great infographic letting us know what we’re getting wrong.

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As it turns out, a resume shouldn’t be quite so cookie-cutter after all. As a matter of fact, in this increasingly difficult job market, resume writing is all about articulating who you are and what your talents are. Check out the rest of the article from The Work Buzz below.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to make a resume shine

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