Lay Piety and Orthodox Vocation

In a recent interview with the Orthodox Christian Network, Nicholas Marinides, a PhD. student at Princeton discusses the practices of ancient lay piety and their application today. For Orthodox Christians, especially in the modern workplace, it is difficult to maintain a rhythm of piety and prayer throughout our day.

The books widely available to Orthodox Christians provide a daunting type of spirituality – one that is usually monasticĀ in origin. The books of monks and the lives of monastic saints are essential reading, but the daily cycle of services (approximately 8 hours of service per day) is impossible for a person working 8 hours per day while raising a family.

Nicholas emphasizes the points of encountering and internalizing this monastic vocation. He talks about some helpful books on lay piety, and he explains how our relationship with monastic piety and the ancient understanding of lay piety can be combined in the modern world.

Follow the link here to listen to the full interview. Nicholas starts his discussion just after the ten minute mark.

Lay Piety in the Early Church on the Orthodox Christian Network

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