General Hospital Star Finds Christ in Acting

General Hospital star and four-time Emmy award winner, Jonathan Jackson, was recently interviewed by an Orthodox priest on Ancient Faith Radio. What, one might ask, would a soap opera actor have in common with an Orthodox priest? Quite a lot, in this case. Jackson and his family, after a long spiritual journey, are now catechumens in the Orthodox Church. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick begins the interview by asking Jackson what led him to the Orthodox Church from his childhood faith experience as a Seventh Day Adventist. His story takes many unexpected and unconventional turns. Beyond his search for truth, though, Jackson also explores questions related to the intersection of vocation and faith, specifically in the realm of acting. In this conversation, the listener will find a fresh and grounded perspective – a new angle on how faith can inform the career of an artist of any kind.

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One Response to General Hospital Star Finds Christ in Acting

  1. Jon Boatwright says:

    I too am an actor in Hollywood and was chrismated into the Orthodox Church around the same time as Jonathan. I appreciate hearing his story because of my similar journey. It is a challenge being in show business and it’s a challenge being a christian in show business but sharing stories of our journeys can help others in their’s. Our own struggles may be the best gifts we can offer to others.