A Holy Barista?

In an article for Relevant magazine, Margot Starbuck delves into possible opportunities to express our love for God and our neighbor, no matter what our job may be.

Our philanthropic responsibilities are often set aside from our daily routine. Giving to the poor, whether in goods or spirit, is typically something we do during a designated time – attending an annual charitable fundraiser, occasionally helping at a soup kitchen, donating old clothes after Spring cleaning, etc. Do our every day interactions not include those who are in need? When we open our hearts and take a closer look, we see the opportunity to give and love others is abundant.

Whether someone is a barista, an IT guy (or girl) or working in a cubicle, our calling – our vocation – is to be holy. Starbuck encourages us to get to know the cook in the cafeteria, to provide our talents to benefit our parish, or giving left over food, destined for a dumpster, to a shelter instead.  By raising our awareness of the people we cross paths with everyday, we can fulfill our task of philanthropy – of loving people.

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One Response to A Holy Barista?

  1. Frans says:

    Believe it or not, I spent ~6 months as a abirsta in high school! I’m a woman of many skills!I’m incredibly jealous, but my waistline is not. If I had easy access to that I’d probably be a little too liberal about it. Whew! Enjoy the new “toy” and having a husband who’s willing to brew espresso for you! Make sure he refines his tamping skillz. (Yes, with a z.)