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St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church

7100 Airport Pulling Rd N,
Naples, FL 34109

Phone: (239) 591-3430

Posting Date: Jan 30, 2020

Pastoral Associate

St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Naples, FL


The Pastoral Associate will be responsible for leading and coordinating all youth programs, conducting parish and community outreach and participating in chanting at weekday services. This position will also assist in the administrative duties of St. Katherine and be considered a vital part of the parish community.

The candidate will need to have a healthy self-image, a can-do attitude, be flexible, resilient, have a sense of humor, be compassionate, love working with children and have good people skills.

The Pastoral Associate is under the direct supervision of the Priest.


  • Personal commitment to developing and sustaining a life in Christ.
  • Commitment to the daily study of the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Devotion to the Holy Orthodox Church in all facets of life.
  • Commitment to working with and developing personal relationships with the youth of St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church.
  • A minimum education of a bachelor’s degree. Preference will be given for a degree from an Orthodox seminary. Orthodox master’s degree preferred.
  • Prior Orthodox parish youth work experience and must have the ability and experience working with youth and adults alike.
  • Must be able to work independently and have strong speaking and writing skills, as well as leadership skills.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • Reading and speaking of Greek preferred.
  • Willing to work evenings, weekends, as well as days as needed (minimum of 40 hours per week).
  • Must be willing to submit to full background check every 2 years and complete youth prevention training every year for working with youth.
  • Strong administrative skills necessary. Must have vehicle and expect to travel as necessary.

Job Responsibilities:


1. Youth Program Coordination:

  • Serve as a spiritual leader for all the youth of St. Katherine through teaching and personal example.
  • Ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of any youth during a church sponsored event.
  • Plan, facilitate and be present at all educational, service/outreach, spiritual and social activities for the youth of St. Katherine, while coordinating initially with the Church schedule.
  • Minister and organize events of the youth ministries organizations working together with Ministry Lead parents, to include but not limited to, those of Acolytes, Holy Myrrh-Bearers, Sunday School, GOYA, Hope & Joy, St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, Camp St. Stephens, Hellenic Dance, Hellenic Dance Festival, Winter Youth Rally and Ionian Village.
  • Coordinate and support Sunday school curriculum with Sunday school volunteers.
  • Participate and support as needed the St. Katherine Greek School program.
  • Plan and organize youth activities with other Greek Orthodox Churches.
  • Host or attend annual retreats as applicable and plan for an adequate number of advisors.


2. Youth Program Communication:

  • Encourage and solicit parental involvement and volunteers for youth activities. 2. Youth Program Communication:
  • Ensure that every child/teen and parent is aware of every event and function that is held.
  • Utilize every possible means of communication to do so, which includes but is not limited to: phone, email, etc.
  • Follow through with every communication to ensure that events are well attended.
  • Assist in finding transportation for any child that may have this need.
  • Help provide content for our parish newsletter including developing all youth related inserts/flyers.


3. Parish/Community Outreach:

  • Visits church members in hospitals and convalescent facilities or at home to offer spiritual guidance and assistance.
  • Visit parishioners and attend outside sporting events of our youth weekly.
  • Conducts outreach to past members that have left St. Katherine to understandwhy they have left and help create path for their return.
  • Involvement in the local community.


4. Liturgical/Chanting:

  • Attend all Divine Services at St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Participate by chanting during weekday services and singing in the choir on other services as applicable.


5. Administration:

  • The Pastoral Associate is expected to be at the Church office on a daily basis, excluding day(s) off and any youth related function, and should work a minimum of 40-hours/week. These hours can only be altered with the express permission of the Priest.
  • Prepare monthly summaries of Youth, Outreach, Administrative and Chanting activities to be submitted to the Priest prior to each monthly Parish Council Meeting.
  • Will make themselves available to attend monthly Parish Council meetings, as invited by the Presiding Priest.
  • Assist the office receptionist in any capacity necessary for at least 1 day a week, to include but not limited to: answering phones, writing letters, greeting visitors, completing weekly bulletin, etc.
  • Make full use of the computer network for means of organization, communication and follow-up related to our youth department.
  • Support the maintenance of St. Katherine social media as needed.
  • Assist the Priest in any other appropriate administrative capacity needed.
  • Ensure all parishioners involved with the youth at St. Katherine have completed background checks and Armatus Learn to Protect System through Praesidum.

Condition of Employment:

  • According to the Policies for the Safety of Youth and Children as set forth by our Archdiocese and as a condition of employment each candidate for the position of Pastoral Associate must be certified by undergoing a confidential background check and online safety training prior to employment. Presently, this safety training and background check is conducted by Armatus Learn to Protect System under the direction of PRAESIDIUM.

  • Resume + 2 letters of recommendation.

To Apply

Interested applicants, should send contact Fr. Philemon Patitsas, Presiding Priest, at with a resume, cover letter and two references.