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St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church

7100 Airport Pulling Rd N,
Naples, FL 34109

Phone: (239) 591-3430

Posting Date: Jan 30, 2020

Parish Administrator

St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church


To enable the smooth operation and coordination of the programs and ministries established by the Presiding Priest and the Parish Council.

Work Functions:

The position executes the day-to-day operations of the parish.

Reporting Relationship:

The position reports to the Presiding Priest and the President of the Parish Council. Day to day supervision and work prioritization is provided by the Presiding Priest.

Level of Work:

This is a full time, salaried exempt position.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Maintain Parish records in an organized manner such that they can be accessed by authorized personnel.
  2. Plan, direct and coordinate all activities in the church office: mail processing, phone systems, and e-mails by fieldinganswers to questions or directing the communication to the proper personnel.
  3. Oversee parishioner database, online directory, communication, and security information management systems (e.g. Servant Keeper, Mail Chimp,, Praesidium) and coordinate the activities of outside vendors for their upkeep.
  4. Maintain parish websites through frequent uploads and removal of information including the parish calendar.
  5. Coordinate and train office volunteers.
  6. Maintain inventories of supplies needed for day to day operations of the Ministries and the Parish and receive deliveries.
  7. As the Parish grows, this position will be responsible for overseeing and managing new talent necessary to execute the work (as approved by the Parish Council), such as Youth Workers, Business Managers, Corresponding Secretaries, and Parish Associates. These individuals may be hired on a temporary basis, or as additional full and/or part time employees.
  8. Ensure annual “Youth Worker Training & Certification” process is compliant with the Metropolis and Archdiocese


  1. Assist in the development of stewardship and fundraising campaigns by providing administrative support and maintaining the currency of historical records, work closely with Stewardship Chairman and Parish Council.
  2. Assist stock donors as needed to facilitate the donation process. Monitor the process of the stock sale, issue the IRS acknowledgement letter to the donor, and keep records of the transaction.
  3. Supervise the vendor selection process and purchasing for day to day operations of the parish. Assist the Ministries and Council in larger purchasing processes requiring a Request for Quotation (RFQ). (Please Note: major building repair and maintenance RFQs are managed by the Facilities Engineer)
  4. Channel checks and bills to the proper personnel, ensure checks are cut, payments mailed, and paperwork completed.
  5. Oversee and approve payroll time sheets for facilities caretaker, crowd control manager, chanters and part time laborers.

Communications and Parishioner Services

  1. Ensure that the office staff provides confidential and quality service to parishioners who are in need of pastoral care through empathic listening skills and timely referral to the Parish Priest and/or Ministry leaders.
  2. Oversee the publication and distribution of Parish Bi-Monthly bulletins, weekly e-Blast, and other electronic communiqués and church mailings. Assist the Parish Council and the Ministries with bulk mailings and special event fliers.
  3. Maintain the Parish membership database, Parish Directory and the e-mail distribution list and process new memberships. Maintain and coordinate prospective parishioner lists (vis-a-viz “Item 3” above).
  4. Develop, coordinate and maintain the Parish calendar (Google Calendar).
  5. Assist the Parish Council in coordinating the work and activities of the Ministry leaders.
  6. Maintain the confidentiality of financial and other sensitive information.
  7. As first point of contact for both internal and external sacramental inquiries, provide empathetic listening and counseling on how best to proceed, including arranging direct communications with the clergy, providing preparatory and prerequisite information, facility information, answering questions and providing initial pastoral guidance, as well as exploring and identifying suitable prospective dates.
  8. Scheduling the sacramental and liturgical calendar (i.e. Weddings, Baptisms, Chrismations, 40-Day Churchings, Funerals, and Memorial and Trisagion Services) and serving as the liaison between the Priest, families, chanters and organists.
  9. Maintaining the sacramental register and records as required by UPR and church protocols
  10. Prepare and include event notices and announcements for electronic and print distribution.

Building Services

  1. Assist the Parish Council in overseeing property and facilities management
  2. Manages Facility Caretaker(s): Full-Time, Part-Time and those hired through temp agencies
  3. Informs the Parish Council and Facilities Engineer when building maintenance and repair may be needed; and monitors and reports the status of their completion to the Parish Council.
  4. Communicates with the Facilities Engineer as needed.
  5. Maintain key possession records.
  6. Maintain office machinery and electronic equipment with the aid of outside contractors.
  7. Oversees the Operation of the Bookstore and Lending Library by providing assistance to weekday walk-in visitors, and coordinating with the Bookstore and Lending Library ministry leaders.
  8. Ensures the policies regarding the use of facilities are up to date and are adhered to.
  9. Oversees Rental Manager in engaging new renters, preparing contracts, processing payments, and keeping records.
  10. Coordinates the calendar of events that occur in the facilities and serve as the liaison with the users of the facilities.


  1. Annual Greek Festival: assists with Taylor Rental Contracts (cost control), outside vendor contracts (revenue control), tickets and sign printing, publicity, permits, TV & Radio advertising, etc.
  2. Parish Council: assists with statutory requirements such as annual elections, monthly and special meetings, filing of minutes, and Parish Assembly meeting announcements. Maintain appropriate records.
  3. “Goodwill Ambassador”: this position is often the first point of contact with the Parish; this person must be prepared to communicate over the phone with, greet walk-in visitors, provide church and facility tours, and in general present our parish positively to the public.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree or higher is required (Administrative Masters Degree (or other) is strongly preferred); with (5) five or more years of management and/or administrative experience required.
  2. Excellent managerial, supervisory, administrative, communications and organizational skills.
  3. A functional knowledge of Greek is preferred but not required.
  4. Excellent computer skills with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Desktop Publisher and Quickbooks or comparable software. Ability to do website publishing and to work with IT vendors for upgrades. Servant Keeper software knowledge or ability to learn is required.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills along with excellent interpersonal skills.
  6. Financial literacy demonstrated by earlier work experience or schooling.
  7. U.S. Citizen or legal resident.

Personal Attributes:

  1. Knowledge of the Christian Orthodox way of life (preferably a Greek Orthodox Christian).
  2. Outgoing personality, comfortable working with and meeting new people of all ages and engaging them in pleasant, positive conversation and teamwork.
  3. Superb organizational skills and adept at handling multiple tasks simultaneously
  4. “Servant Leader minded” - self- motivated, dependable, flexible, punctual, conscientious, gracious, honest, trustworthy and fully committed, doing all things as if serving Jesus Christ Himself.
  5. Consistently respects other cultures.

To Apply:

Interested applicants, should send contact Fr. Philemon Patitsas, Presiding Priest, at with a resume, cover letter and two references.