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Saint Basil's Academy of Classical Studies

2346 S. Wilbur Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: 509-525-9380
Posted: 03.08.2020

Teaching and Administrative Positions at St. Basil Academy of Classical Studies

St. Basil Academy of Classical Studies is a small K-8 Orthodox Christian Academy of about 55 students located in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley, a charming area rich in history and culture. Nestled near the foothills of the Blue Mountains, our school is moving into its 15th year, carefully guided by both our school priest and experienced teachers. St. Basil Academy is searching for enthusiastic educators of children looking for an opportunity to serve our parish’s Orthodox youth, love and nurture our non-Orthodox families, and grow in the Faith.

We are currently looking to fill 3 positions, full-time and part-time negotiable: Teacher, Principal, and Bookkeeper.

TEACHER - Full-Time and Part Time Options

Prerequisite Qualifications:

  • Must be an active member in good standing with the Orthodox Church
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • State certification preferred
  • Mastery of subject areas taught
  • Ability to manage a multi-age classroom

Key Responsibilities:

  • Foster a loving Orthodox Christian environment within the classroom
  • Encounter stress with a positive attitude, level-head, and confidence
  • Teach an array of courses primarily at the K-5 level
  • Assess student progress and make regular reports
  • Communicate effectively, both written and orally, with students, parents, and staff
  •  Effectively manage an orderly classroom and keep efficient records
  • Assist in assessment of changing curricular needs and offer plans of improvement in collaboration with peers and Principal
  • Perform other school or classroom duties and responsibilities as assigned by Lead Teacher and Principal

PRINCIPAL - Part-Time (can be combined with teaching for full-time)

Prerequisite Qualifications:

  • Be an active member in good standing with the Orthodox Church
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • State certification preferred
  • Experience as a teacher
  • Working knowledge of the concepts and principal of the Classical Education Model
  • Excellent leadership qualities, communication skills, and the characteristics necessary to work with students, parents, teachers, and staff

Key Responsibilities for Principal:

  • Foster a loving Orthodox Christian environment in the school and classroom
  • Be a role model for students, staff, and families within our community
  • Have strong moral character and ability to lead others in a loving and humble way
  • Have superb communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Take responsibility for student and teacher progress
  • Be in frequent communication with school priest, staff, and parents
  • Oversee teacher performance and offer improvements or correction with humility and love
  • Oversee all aspects of the daily operations at school and maintain a calm and orderly school environment
  • Handle numerous administrative tasks including, but not limited to, staffing, yearly state accreditation, communication with county offices (fire department, health department, sheriff, etc.) budgeting, scheduling, curriculum implementation and ordering, reports to the Board of Directors, teacher evaluations, school programs, standardize testing, parent-teacher conferences and report cards, awareness of any state or legal updates needed
  • Oversee and delegate other admin tasks, maintenance to school grounds and buildings, coordination with parents and volunteers, website updates, as well as various other responsibilities

BOOKKEEPER - Part-Time: 10 hrs/wk (can be combined with teaching for full time)

Key Responsibilities for Bookkeeper:

  • Be discreet in the handling of confidential personal and financial information
  • Knowledge and experience in Quickbooks Online or the ability to learn and be trained
  • Be highly organized and keep excellent records, both physical and digital
  • Handle monthly tasks such as, but not limited to, payroll, taxes (monthly and quarterly), generating invoices and receipts, reconciliation of bank account and credit cards, reimbursement, bill pay for invoices and contractors
  • Handle yearly tasks such as, but not limited to, tuition statements, budget, quarterly taxes, W-2s and 1099s, non-profit annual report, state reporting and documentation

To Apply

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to

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