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Philo4Thought: The Hellenic Mentoring Initiative

550 W 120th Street (MC 4832)
New York, New York 10027

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Location: New York, NY
Posted: 10.25.2019

Philo4Thought 2019-2020 Internship Opportunities

New York, NY

Search for Skilled Young Professionals (Open 08/15/2019 till filled):

Philo4Thought seeks energetic and responsible students to serve as interns in exchange for high school/college credit.

  • Junior Research/Programming Assistants: Trains directly with the CEO and the Editor. Assists in the development of content for educational workshops and publications. Assists with polls indicating the need for specific topics. (Reports to Editor. Work completed online and formally reported at monthly meeting. Access and supervision level TBD based on experience.)
  • Junior IT Assistant: Trains with Webmaster and technical support team. Assists in the monthly maintenance of the central website and social media. Suggests aesthetic/technological improvements that will appeal to the young pro demographic. (Reports to Webmaster. Work completed online. Formally reported at monthly meeting. Access and supervision level TBD based on experience.)
  • Junior Hospitality Liaisons: Trains directly with the CEO and Community Outreach Liaison. Assists in planning and coordination of annual events. Meet-and-greet at monthly events, with follow-up emails to attendees. (Reports to C.O.L. Work completed online and at events. Formal report submitted online. Access and supervision level TBD based on experience.)
  • Junior Business Liaison: Trains directly with the CFO and Chair of Grants & Fundraising. Assists this financial team in increasing efficiency of fundraising/fund usage for events and programming. (Reports jointly to CFO and Chair. Background work to be completed online. Formally reported at monthly meeting. Access and supervision level TBD based on experience.)

Application Requirements:  

  • A cover letter outlining the specific internship to which you are applying.
  • A resume outlining related training and experience.
  • 2 Letters of recommendation.
  • A school transcript indicating a history of academic/extracurricular excellence (G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher).
  • Must be one of the following: (1) a matriculating AP-Level High School Senior, an enrolled Undergraduate/Graduate student seeking credit towards a current degree program; (2) an E.Y.E. business exchange participant on E.Y.E. stipend.
  • To receive school credit, students must submit a formal letter from the Registrar/AP of Guidance/Academic Advisor/Department Chair (including the name and email of the instructor at your campus who is responsible for entering the grade at your school) prior to the start of the internship indicating that credit will be granted for this work.

Required Skills/Specializations:

  • Familiarity with standard social media.
  • Ability to work with online platforms (for Junior I.T. Assistant only).
  • Strong (English) written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Major/Minor in Education, Web/Media, Journalism, Social Science/Humanities, Hellenic Studies, Business Administration, Human Resources Administration, Hospitality, Communications, Policy & Development, Sociology or a related field.

Preferred Skills/Specializations:

  • Community Outreach experience strongly preferred. 
  • Bilingual Greek-English a plus.

Duration of Internship:

  • 3-6 months depending on outlined agreements and documentation. 
  • Available for Fall and Spring semesters only.


  • School/Professional credit and Certificate of Completion.
  • Nomination for a competitive annual Certificate of Excellence.
  • Excellent referrals for future academic and professional endeavors.
  • The promise of continued professional mentoring beyond the internship.
  • Related sponsor-based benefits as available funding allows.


  • Applicants: Please email your cover letter and resume.
  • Schools/Recommenders: Please email official forms and recommendations for the selected student to us directly.