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Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangels

1527 Bedford Street
Stamford, CT 06905 USA
Phone: 203-348-4216
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Job ID: 55561
Location: Stamford, CT
Zip Code: 06905
Job Category: Lay Ministry
Posted: 05.24.2019

Pastoral Assistant

Stamford, CT


The Pastoral Assistant is a full time, professional ministry position under the direct supervision of the Presiding Priest and accountable to the Parish Council. This person will be primarily responsible for youth ministry and fully support the Vision Statement of the parish: “The Church of the Archangels is an Orthodox Christian community that welcomes everyone. We experience the love of Jesus Christ and we proclaim and celebrate the Good News of salvation for all God’s people through prayer, worship, fellowship, education, compassion, service, and outreach.”


  1. Youth Director – work with Advisors to supervise the following youth ministries
    1. YAL
    2. GOYA
    3. HOPE/JOY
    4. Little Angels
    5. Athletics
    6. Altar Boys & Handmaidens
  2. Education
    1. Church School:Support classes & events, Summer Vacation Church School
    2. Greek School:Support classes & events, Summer Greek School Camp
  3. Administration
    1. Assist with various tasks as needed (e.g., sexton, communication, database)
    2. Maintain & regularly update Facebook page and engage all other pertinent social media outlets (e.g., Instagram, Snapchat)
    3. Help with bulletins (Sunday, monthly) and other communication as needed
  4. Pastoral Work – as assigned by the Presiding Priest
    1. E.g., make occasional visits to shut-ins, hospitalized
    2. Be present in lives of youth – visiting athletic events, awards ceremonies, graduations, etc. 
    3. Minister to walk-ins seeking help
  5. Chanting/Worship
    1. Responsibility for all weekday worship and Sacraments
    2. Assist on Sundays and during Holy Week

Working Environment

  • Office space will be provided with access to phone & internet
  • As appropriate, tasks can be done at home
  • Must be able to deal with distractions that can occur (answering calls, assisting visitors)


  • Sincere faith, recognizable commitment and growing knowledge of the content of the Orthodox Tradition
  • Formal theological training:preferred Graduate Seminary degree from an accredited Orthodox Theological School (M.A. or M.Div.)
  • Proven experience in youth ministry – such as GOYA advisor, Church School teacher, camp counselor, missionary coordinator
  • Passionate desire to serve our parish and build relationships for the long term
  • Capable of maintaining professional confidentiality
  • Ability to work with staff and volunteer ministry leaders – team player
  • Criminal Background Check (required)

Evaluation, Hours & Compensation

  • Initial performance evaluation after first 180 days, conducted by Presiding Priest that would include input from the Administrator, Parish Council members, and Youth Ministry leaders
    • 2nd evaluation when 1st year completed
    • Subsequent evaluations – to be performed at the discretion of the Presiding Priest or annually
    • Annual compensation review to be addressed by the Parish Council
  • Hours
    • 40 hours/week that are flexible
      • more hours/week during period of intense ministry (e.g., Holy Week, Summer Camp)
      • less hours/week during lighter periods (e.g. summer)
  • Beginning compensation
    • Salary - $40,000/year
    • Social Security – ½ employer contribution ($3,060)
    • Medical insurance – $6,000 (estimated)
    • Automobile reimbursement at federal rate (57.5¢/mile):estimated 100 miles/week amounts to $2,990
    • Computer - $1,000 (estimate)
    • Smart phone and service - $1,000 (estimate)
    • Vacation – 2 weeks/year

Start Date: August 5, 2019

For further information and to apply:

Fr. Harry Pappas (Presiding Priest) -