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Posted: 07.28.2020

Clinic Administrator, Guatemala - OCMC Missionary Assignment

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center is looking to fill an interim missionary assignment as a Clinic Administrator for the Father Andres Giron Medical Clinic which is attached to the Cathedral and Seminary in Aguacate, Guatemala. The missionary would be in this position for up to 2 years or longer, until an indigenous replacement is found and trained.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Developing, organizing and maintaining patient medical records
  • Maintaining an accurate inventory of pharmacy and diagnostic/testing equipment and ordering medications and maintenance as needed
  • Maintain patient treatment protocols as the medical advisory board develops them
  • Supervise the clinic cleanliness program, coordinate with resident and visiting medical and dental personnel to determine needs, and make recommendations for procurement.
  • The missionary will assist in resource development for self, telemedicine program, and eventual indigenous permanent medical clinic administrator.
  • May be involved in initiating, coordinating, and/or managing various projects

Required Skills

  • Proficiency in Spanish, but at a bare minimum, basic Spanish conversational ability (CEFR A2, elementary) to be able to navigate day-to-day life in Aguacate, and communicate with Guatemalan priests, clinical staff, and assist making group reservations for visiting medical teams
  • Excellent English language communication skills
  • Good organizational skills 

Additional Preferred Skills

  • Proficiency in organizing groups and planning travel
  • An ability to work with media, i.e., videos, video-teleconferencing, and social media
  • This position does not require a medical degree, certification or experience, but any acquaintance with medical terminology and procedures is a plus.

Please contact OCMC at for a more detailed job description and to arrange for an interview to discuss further.