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FOCUS North America
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FOCUS Detroit Program Coordinator

As an expression of Christ's love, FOCUS Detroit exists to bring together Orthodox Christian churches, along with other communities and partners, to help children experiencing poverty to succeed in school. FOCUS Detroit is a local program of FOCUS North America.


Program Coordinator is responsible for all logistics and relationships for acquisition, transportation and delivery of food and supplies to individuals and schools served.

Responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationships with schools, churches, local agencies, companies, and organizations supporting FOCUS efforts.  Coordinator must respect the needs and dignity of those being served. Coordinator must be able to professionally communicate with all participants. Coordinator works within an approved budget and timeframe.  Coordinator is responsible for the quality of food and supplies procured and delivered.  

The successful Program Coordinator has significant opportunity for expansion of role and responsibilities in professional development and increased service to those in need.

Reports to Vice President of Programs.  Daily operations are coordinated with local volunteers.

The FOCUS Detroit Program Coordinator is a part-time employment opportunity.


  • Develop and execute all logistical plans including transportation of goods
  • Coordinate personnel, processes and activities among all participants and beneficiaries
  • Good knowledge of the community being served and transportation network
  • Good record-keeping abilities
  • Ensure cost efficiency in procurement, management and delivery of goods
  • Operate on time and on budget
  • Maintain records on all activities and transactions
  • Other duties as assigned by VP Programs or designee of Executive Director


Knowledge and Skills

  • Efficient logistics planning and execution
  • Customer service experience beneficial
  • Good communication skills (writing and speaking)
  • Service and supply contract negotiations and management with vendors
  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook


  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Service minded
  • Cultural and local area sensitivity
  • Ability to understand and work with homeless, impoverished and vulnerable communities and demographics
  • Ability to build and maintain organizational relationships between FOCUS and Orthodox churches, communities and leaders
  • Ability to represent FOCUS to local government officials and donors, individual and corporate representatives
  • Stress tolerance during program establishment and implementation
  • Capacity of critical, analytical thinking to innovatively resolve program and funding problems
  • Foster a sense of teamwork among volunteers and other participants
  • Good organizational skills
  • Operating within a budget and schedule
  • Efficient and effective time management
  • Ability to work with minimal day-to-day management
  • Keep logs of activities, transactions, activities
  • Timely reporting to management


  • Driving of medium sized trucks (Pickups, Cargo Vans, Trucks 10’ – 26’)
  • Driving with trailers (8’-12’)


  • College degree preferred
  • Advanced degree in Social Work, Public Policy or Nonprofit (optional, beneficial)


  • Valid Driver’s License in state of operation
  • Commercial driving license beneficial
  • Social Service Certifications: None required, but are beneficial (social services, first-aid)

To Apply

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to