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Classical Learning Resource Center

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Naples, Idaho 83847

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Posted: 11.11.2020

Remote Operations Manager

Who we are:

The Classical Learning Resource Center, or CLRC, is a respected, rapidly growing, fully remote center of learning. CLRC was founded by a group of passionate and experienced educators in 2009 to serve homeschooling communities and small schools with a focus on exemplary education through the classics. We provide a diverse offering of high caliber classes taught by over 40 highly qualified teachers around the country. These classes supplement and enrich the educational opportunities for both homeschooling families and brick and mortar schools. We have a small and tight-knit team of dedicated educators who serve in administrative roles. More about our philosophy and background here:

Our needs:

CLRC is taking on an exciting challenge to expand our operations. We began our pioneering work in remote education as a small, family-based operation. How ever, the substantial growth we've experienced in recent years has inspired us to expand our vision and add new staff positions -- in particular one that will help us to sustain current operations and manage growth!

We are in need of an experienced and motivated operations specialist to help us maintain excellence in our day to day operations, and to assist us in developing effective and sustainable strategies for continued growth. This individual will help us to identify and implement the changes necessary to keep us current and competitive in the growing market of online K-12 education. The ideal candidate will become our site expert on remote operations and development, becoming an integral part of our leadership team as we grow.

You Should Apply If:

You're a systems thinker who relishes building processes from the ground up. You enjoy collaboration. You have talent and experience when it comes to a detail-oriented organization. You can manage complex projects successfully. You are thoroughly adept with remote/digital platforms and can motivate others to embrace their potential, all the while providing compassionate guidance for less tech-savvy staff and system users. In everything you do, you put relationships first, contributing to a positive and caring environment that respects and upholds the culture and community we have cultivated with our students, families, and staff.

About the Role:

This position requires high-level competence in managing systems within a remote office. The Remote Operations Manager works with all staff and departments at CLRC. The position oversees all aspects of the remote office, including technology and remote platforms, contracts, human resources, finance, development, and program support. This position is the first point of contact for development and operation -- the glue that binds us as a staff.

Job description

Operations Support and Leadership

  • Fills the role of subject-matter expert for school operations, and as such is chiefly responsible for successfully executing systems, processes, and policies in all non-instructional areas from a remote environment, taking the lead in all efforts aimed at operational excellence
  • Ensures compliance with all local, district, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Plays a leadership role in implementing the school’s strategic annual planning and budgeting process
  • Assists the team in achieving school objectives and carrying out policies established by the executive leadership team
  • Anticipates business and client service needs, demonstrating resourcefulness and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Streamlines administrative tasks and activities
  • Manages calendars and tracks tasks and projects across departments to achieve deadlines and ensure completion of those projects
  • Supports and participates actively in fundraising and development efforts as led by the executive team
  • Works collaboratively with the leadership and administrative teams to identify, implement and manage effective work flow strategies and processes
  • Actively assists team members to achieve results and ensure project completion
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Office and Technology Support

  • Directs, supports, and collaborates with the IT consultants, tech support, registrar, marketing/development teams and contracted employees, serving as a liaison between departments to ensure seamless execution of operations
  • Supports all departments in completing project deadlines, actively assisting when necessary to ensure project success
  • Directs resources for maintenance of remote office and education tech platforms
  • Collaborates with tech support, webmaster and registrar, ensuring resources and staff are allocated appropriately to maintain office operations and achieve project deadlines

Information Management 

  • Maintains proficiency in using and navigating between multiple tech platforms, including Asana, Zoho Apps, Google Suite, Adobe platforms, Microsoft Office Suite, Canvas, and others as needed
  • Encourages and facilitates staff proficiency in using and maintaining tech platforms
  • Interprets and communicates data to prepare reports and provide analysis for leadership team, board, and stakeholders
  • Participates in the assessment, procurement, implementation, and maintenance of school information systems by communicating the needs of educational service functions in order to manage data with efficiency and integrity
  • Manages information for educational staff using available software and apps

Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

  • Serves as the organization’s expert regarding relevant accreditation and regulatory requirements, applying current standards to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Maintains and is accountable for documentation and records that pertain to accreditation applications and standards
  • Implements a periodic review process for bylaws, policies, and procedures consistent with organizational policy to ensure ongoing compliance with accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Collects, maintains, and ensures the fidelity of records for personnel, such as onboarding documents, contracts, and background checks for vendors, teachers, and other contracted staff
  • Assists and collaborates with leadership team to research accreditation standards, contracts and MOUS and ensures compliance

Required Education, Credentials, & Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience
  • Minimum of three years of professional work experience in education and/or business operations management
  • Demonstrated management and leadership skills (e.g. at least two years managing a team or multiple large projects)
  • Strong project and time management skills; ability to backwards plan effectively, juggle multiple priorities with great attention to detail, and deliver consistent and timely results
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills with an aptitude for shifting from fire-fighting to systems-building
  • Ability to navigate various technologies with ease and proficiency including computer software and applications to work effectively in a fully remote office setting
  • A sense of humility, a customer service mindset, and the ability to solve problems proactively and make decisions quickly
  • Team player with strong interpersonal/ stakeholder management and relationship-building skills
  • Ability to lead, influence, and hold others accountable for upholding high standards of operational excellence
  • Ability to be calm, genuinely sympathetic, reassuring, and other-directed under pressure, especially in difficult conversations with parents and staff
  • Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Ability to navigate multiple tech platforms remotely
  • High level of comfort working collaboratively as part of a multi-functional team
  • Experience working on projects with a high-degree of ambiguity
  • Experience in remote education or business tech platforms

How to Apply