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Social Media Strategy & Web Development

Location: Chicago, IL
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Posted: 07.08.2018


Creative-Design: Advertising Writing (Creative), Computer Animation & Multimedia, Creative Direction-Lead, General-Other: Creative-Design, Graphic Arts-Illustration, Web-UI-UX Design

Service Description

Cyberspace presents a plethora of opportunities for the Orthodox Church to advance Christ's ministries. Recently, the Southern Baptists, during their national conference, elected a new head of their church who is geared towards capitalizing on the abilities of social media and the internt to grow the faith.

For over a decade, I have been employing social media to promote ideas, individuals, and businesses. Additionally, I have helped the same create stunning, user-friendly websites that interface with multiple applications and smart phones. 

I have developed an aggressive social media strategy for the Orthdox Faith to implement, in order to not only build a stronger connection with current Faithful, but to draw in peoppe looking for a new faith and grow our numbers.

Parishes and Orthodox ministries interested should feel free to contact me. My desire is to grow the Faith and have the Orthodox Church at the forefront or Digital Ministries.

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