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Home Improvements

Location: MD
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Posted: 08.03.2016


Building Construction: Carpentry-Framing, Concrete and Masonry, Flooring-Tiling-Painting-Wallpapering, General-Other: Construction-Skilled Trades
Installation-Maintenance-Repair: Landscaping

Service Description

I am taking over my fathers home improvement and lanscaping business after his close to 50 years in service, since i dont have the same experianxe as my father i am starting small and simple, I am looking for people that are willing to work and do flooring, landscaping, cabinet installations, remodelings, renovations, painting, doors, windows etc

Prices and Packages

pay per day will start at around 100$ per day and depending on your skillset could go up to 150$ per day upon the amound of wokr that you end up performing, I do have a license and am able to insure up to 3 people working for me at the moment i am looking for just 2 , I just also applyed to Home Depot since they have constant work and I just moved back from Greece about 1,5 years ago, housing and transportation depends on a few things but available

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