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mStewardship - Church Management for the iPad

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Posted: 10.17.2012

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Like many of you, our parish, St Nicholas (OCA) in Mogadore, Ohio, used a PC-based system to track church membership, contributions, envelopes, and pledges. I have been the treasurer here for over ten years. In the existing system, there was no such thing as a casual user; you had to be well trained to do anything in old system's windows-oriented screens. It was something that you dreaded to use. It became that “PC in the Church Basement” that no one wanted anything to do with.

The result was that we entered data into it but no one looked at the quality of the data being entered or used it for anything other than to print mailing lists and generate statements once a year. Over the years we ended up with three systems: 


* The  “PC in the Church Basement” for envelopes/statements

* My spreadsheets for collections

* The Financial Secretary’s QuickBooks Package for paying bills and accounting

We found that the “PC in the Church Basement” was totally out of sync with the other two systems. Being a software engineer by trade, I decided to form a company and as our first product create something that was not some kind of subscription service but rather complete solution that was totally mobile and inexpensive so that it could be used anywhere, with or without internet access. This is why mStewardship is based on the iPad. At a price of $99.99, with an iPad 2 ($399 from many Apple retailers), it will pay for itself in 20 months when compared to a subscription service. At the end of that 20 months you will have paid for both the software and the iPad it runs on!

But this is just the beginning. The first release of the software focuses on Envelopes and Contributions. The releases to follow (free upgrades) will have the following pastoral features:


Expansion of Reports & Charts Library

* Attendance Tracking Services & Meetings

* Catalog Member Skills & Interests

*Visitations and Hospital Stays

*Pastoral Planning for Baptisms, Chrismations, First Confessions, Weddings, etc. (referred to as “Spiritual Events” in documentation).

*Organizations & Membership

*Fundraising Tracking

*Resource Scheduling & Management

The goal is create a tool that is truly a joy for a rector and his church council to use because of its ease of use and mobility. You can see for yourself by viewing our short video at: 

Prices and Packages

Available on the Apple App Store:

mStewardship - $99.99

mStewardLite - A way to experience mStewardship for free using a limited database. 

Documentation and video:

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