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Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church

1401 Wagner Rd
Glenview, Illinois (United States)

Phone: 847-729-2235
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Job ID: 49560
Job Views: 649
Location: Glenview, IL
Zip Code: 60025
Job Category: Admin-Clerical
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: $65,000.00 per year
Posted: 12.04.2018

Parish Administrator

Glenview, IL

Job Description

MISSION: Implement the vision, direction, and policies established by the Parish Priest and Parish Council to further the mission and vision of the parish.


FUNCTION OF WORK:  The Parish Administrator position oversees and manages the day-to-day operation and function of the parish under the direction of the Parish Priest. This position facilitates the work of the Priest and Parish Council.


LEVEL OF WORK:  Full time, salaried exempt position

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (include but not limited to):


1.     Develop and implement policy and procedural manuals for various aspects of parish administration [with council approval]

2.     Establish and maintain centralized parish records

3.     Plan, direct, and coordinate the church office work

4.     Oversee administration of the parish information management system (PDS)

5.     Train office volunteers as needed

6.     Serve as front line supervisor of parish operations staff; supervise personnel to include interviewing, hiring, firing, and annual performance evaluations [hiring and firing to be done with the approval of the parish council]


7.     Assist the Parish Council in developing the annual budget, providing historical records and trends

8.     Assist in developing stewardship, capital projects, and fundraising campaigns

9.     Supervise vendor selection and purchasing for the parish

Communications and Parishioner Services

10.  Ensure that the office staff provides confidential and quality service to parishioners who are in need of pastoral care through empathic listening skills and timely referral to the Parish Priest or other pertinent ministry group leaders

11.  Oversee the publication and distribution of parish newsletters, bulletins, and other communiqués and church documents

12.  Oversee coordination of sacraments for parishioners

13.  Maintain membership database non-financial information

14.  Lead the Ministry Council and coordinate the development of the parish calendar annually

15.  Assist the Parish Council in coordinating the work and activities of the ministry team leaders

16.  Coordinate parish, Metropolis, and inter-parish activities and communications

17.  Maintain the confidentiality of financial and other sensitive information

Building Services

18.  Supervise property and facility management

19.  Oversee maintenance contracts

20.  Manage the Use of Facilities policy

21.  Coordinate events that occur in the facilities

22.  Act as a liaison for the daily events that occur during building construction or maintenance projects, maintaining daily contact with the site supervisor

23.  Serve as Fire Marshall for the building evacuation plan

REPORTING LINE:  Parish Priest and Parish Council President

Job Requirements


1.   Minimum four (4) year Business Management or related degree with five (5) or more years of management and administration experience preferred

2.   Excellent and proven managerial, supervisory, administrative, and organizational skills

3.   Excellent computer skills with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Desktop Publisher and Quickbooks or comparable software

4.   Excellent communication skills: written, oral, and interpersonal

5.   Working knowledge of financial principles


1.   Knowledge of Orthodox Christian ecclesiology and Greek culture

2.   Self-motivated, dependable, flexible, punctual, conscientious, honest and trustworthy

3.   Enjoys working with others and is a team player

4.   Flexible schedule for periodic evening meetings

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