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Cathedral of St. Paul Nursery School

110 Cathedral Ave
Hempstead, New York (United States)

Phone: 5164835700
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Job ID: 49503
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Location: Hempstead, NY
Zip Code: 11550
Job Category: Education
Employment Type: Part time
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Posted: 06.07.2018

Assistant Teacher

Hempstead, NY


Education: Classroom Teaching, Early Childhood Care & Development, Elementary School, General-Other: Training-Instruction, Special Education

Job Description

The Cathedral of Saint Paul Nursery School is looking for an Assistant Teacher for their program. The hours are typically 9am-2pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri. An assistant will often need to be into work 15-20 mins early to help set up with the Lead Teacher for the day. This position starts in September and goes through the beginning of June. Below you will find a basic job description along with some basic skills needed to do perform the daily responsibilities. This position reports directly to the director of the school. There will be times this assistant teacher will be needed on Thursdays to fill in as a substitute. This happens occasionally. 

Job Description:

• Assist lead teachers in creating classroom environments that are safe and conducive to learning for young students
• Assist lead teachers in imparting instruction by providing students with instructional support
• Assist lead teachers in creating and distributing instructional aides and materials and assist students in comprehending difficult concepts
• Assist lead teachers in developing and implementing learning activities and supervise group activities
• Ascertain that students’ behavior is properly managed within the classroom and address behavioral issues appropriately
• Monitor students to ensure that they are responding appropriately and report any student discomfort or distress to the lead teacher
• Clear away materials and aides after each class and ensure the overall cleanliness of the classroom
• Assist students in handling their personal needs including toileting and washing and help them in eating lunch or snacks
• Create and maintain records of each student in a confidential manner
• Assist lead teachers in implementing development assessments for each student to determine his or her strengths and limitations
• Provide support to the lead teacher in developing and implementing core lesson plans
• Maintain discipline within the classroom and in play areas and ensure that all students are kept safe and accidents are minimized
• Observe students to detect signs of illness, injury or emotional abuse and alert lead teacher immediately


Job Skills Preferred:

• Demonstrated ability to assist lead teachers by performing secretarial and one-on-one lessons importation tasks

• Proven success in using educational materials and resources

• Adept at preparing classrooms for lessons

• Special talent for supervising students in the event of the absence of a teacher

• Excellent verbal, written and instructional communication skills

• Track record of creating and maintaining effective student-teacher relationships

• Detail orientated with a keen attention to detail

• A methodological approach to resolve conflicts and solve problems

• Proven ability to maintain confidentiality always

• Skilled in imparting lessons and information in the absence of the teacher

• Logical thinking and positive approach

• Profound ability to work in a stressful environment


• Able to assume a mentor’s role when required

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