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Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church

60 Traverse Road
Newport News, Virginia (United States)

Phone: 757-596-6151
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Location: Newport News, VA
Zip Code: 23606
Job Category: Youth Ministry
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 11.26.2017

Director of Youth Ministries

Newport News, VA

Job Description

Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Newport News, Virginia is seeking a Director of Youth Ministries responsible for developing an effective, comprehensive, Orthodox Christian youth program for the instruction and fellowship of children, from ages preschool through high school.




Job Requirements


Primary Requirements:

- Organize and administer youth activities centered around the four pillars of youth ministry:  Fellowship (Koinonia), Worship (Liturgia), Witness (Martyria) & Service (Diakonia).

- Motivate youth and young adults to participate in youth programs through innovative planning which appeals to contemporary children, teenagers, and young adults, recognizing the importance of Orthodox Christian beliefs in the development of youth.

-Develop and execute a program of campus ministry to students in the local colleges and universities.

-Assist with programming for the parish's young adults.

-Involve the young people of the parish in the Annual Greek Festival.

-Promote Orthodox Summer Camping Programs (both at the Archdiocesan and Metropolis levels) to encourage parish youth participation. 

-Promote other Metropolis or Archdiocesan youth opportunities as they become available.

-Meet on a regular basis with the parish's youth committee  

-Attend the monthly meeting of the Parish Council and render reports to same.

-Attend the biyearly parish General Assembly and render reports to same.

-Maintain, insofar as possible, regular and published office hours in order to be available to those needing help, counseling, and assistance.

-Maintain a database of youth registration information, to be updated annually.

-Assist the Stewardship Ministry Leader and the Parish Council in coordinating the youth stewardship program.

-Assist the Welcome Ministry Chairman in welcoming new families with children into the parish and helping them to identify ministries relevant to their family.

-Ensure that each respective youth ministry abides by all youth ministry guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese, to include but not be limited to the Youth Protection Manual.

-Promote youth ministry programs through the church newsletter and/or a youth newsletter, the weekly bulletin, special flyers/posters, and via social media outlets.

-Prepare and oversee the annual budget of the Youth Ministries Program.

-Coordinate youth programming with the parish calendar.

-Act as a liason with other Orthdox churches and local churches regarding youth ministry and activities.  

Ministries: JOY & HOPE / GOYA / OCF / REAL / Hellenic Youth Dancers / Religious Education Program / St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival / Acolytes / Youth Choir / Vacation Bible School

Consistent and regular participation in the parish's Liturgical life will be expected. This will provide for a continued spiritual focus and be an example for the parish's youth.

Specialized Skills


- Extensive knowledge of the Orthodox Christian Faith.


- Ability to interact effectively with children ages 3 years old through high school, and young adults and adults.


- Administrative and organizational skills with the ability to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines at once.


- Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, to include MS Word, Excel, and Publisher.


- Knowledge of various means of technological communication that are relevant to today’s youth (i.e. social networking, texting, etc.).


- CPR/First Aid certification.





- Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university (required) 


- Master’s of Divinity, Theology, and/or Education (recommended)

NOTE: Prior to an offer of employment, the applicant for this position MUST pass a criminal background check and supply a recommendation from his/her parish priest.

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